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Welcome to TimBlog
Hello & Welcome to TimBlog. I am your host, Tim Lett. I am married to my beautiful wife of 22 years, Daphne, and our wonderful children Jacob (19), Anna Claire (17), Micah (15), and Abbi Kate (13). This blog provides updates on what is going on with our family through pictures of the kids and their activities. Also, from time to time I will provide opinions and information from a faith and political viewpoint.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

My Take on the Chick-Fil-A / Marriage Issue

Its time to put this issue to bed, but not before a 20 oz. Mountain Dew. Here goes. 

I went to Chick-Fil-A today and had lunch. I didn't go because I "hate" any individual or any group of individuals. I am not a hater - I don't hate people. I didn't go because I disagree with any ideology, religion, or lifestyle.  There are ideologies, religions, and lifestyles with which I disagree ... and we can talk and agree or disagree about those, if you'd like. Disagreement does not equate into hatred, or even dislike. I enjoy a good robust discussion about the topics of the day. And, honestly, I didn't even go today, specifically, because I was hungry. Although, I was hungry. After all, I could have visited any of Gadsden's restaurants and experienced ZERO wait. 

So, why did I go?

I went today, primarily, because I believe that the whole "boycott CFA" thing because of what the owner said has been much overblown, and, because the First Amendment is THAT important. The owner made a very brave and bold statement of faith and opinion which matched my own opinion. It was brave and bold because it was not politically correct. In today's world, being politically "un-correct" (grin) is a dangerous thing. Many of our Founding Fathers would be considered radicals, and most definitely consider politically incorrect.
Why should Bill Maher and Rosie O'Donnell be the only ones who can exercise their First Amendment rights without fear of all-out-war being declared? I mean, really ... have you listened to Maher lately? This guy is beyond cruel ... and liberals love him.  And Rosie? Sure, its within her free speech rights to wish cancer upon everyone who eats at CFA. And its also within my rights to make a judgment call upon her character for doing so. 

The words "racist" and "bigot" have been so grossly over-used and misused that I don't even pay attention to them when they are used. They have been stripped of their effect. After all, "racist" and "bigot" have been reduced to terms thrown at a conservative who has just won an argument with a liberal. 

If you will look at Mr. Cathy's statement, he never even labeled anyone else as being "wrong". The man simply stated an affirmation of what he believes. He did not attack, nor did he condemn anyone. Furthermore, I haven't seen any reports of Mr Cathy refusing to hire or serve any individual or groups of individuals.

You know, here's the hypocrisy in all of this. If Dan Cathy were a Muslim and made those statements, not the first word would have been said. After all, homosexuals are stoned and beheaded in the Middle East Muslim countries and not even American liberals utter a peep about it. The problem here is that there is one standard for Liberals and another standard for Conservatives. Rosie didn't take out after CFA because of Cathy's pro-heterosexual marriage stance. No. She took out after him because he is a Conservative Christian who just happens to be a successful businessman, or maybe because he is a successful businessman who just happens to be a Conservative Christian. If liberals really cared about what happens to homosexuals, they would start by trying to intervene in those Muslim nations and spend some time there before every worrying about marriage or civil unions. Its unpopular to say it, but the real issue here is liberal hypocrisy.

People say things and stand for things every day with which I disagree. It makes me absolutely sick that the gas I purchase came from oil purchased from an OPEC country. But, I need gas in my vehicle. So, I go to the gas station, pump my gas, and pay the attendant. I don't make a fuss or start a boycott. I unashamedly support domestic drilling, all while burning that gas from the Middle East.

You know, I have family members and folks I consider to be dear friends who live a homosexual lifestyle. I love each of them dearly and believe that they love me, also. We have a disagreement. I hold one set of beliefs, they hold another. I believe that God's ideal and plan for family relationships among the human race consists of a male, female, and children. I believe that romantic/sexual activity that is outside of a married man and woman is not within the scope that God's Word teaches is right. Do I view singles, or couples without children, as "less than", as one friend used that term recently? Absolutely not. Do I view homosexuals as "less than"? Absolutely not. How can I? According to Scripture, the Cross borne by Jesus was for the whole world. Jesus crossed all kinds of lines to reach all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds in all kinds of situations. The fact that I disagree with a lifestyle does not give me liberty to devalue or look down upon any person for whom Jesus died. To do so is reprehensible. Now, can we disagree and have hearty and robust discussions? Absolutely. But, when its over, we better be realizing that we are all in the category of not measuring up, in some way.

Who am I to call anyone "less than"? I do, say, and think things on a daily basis that don't reflect the love of Christ. Am I proud of it? No, but its still the truth.

My chicken sandwich today was not a statement that I am against anyone, or that I consider anyone "less than". I believe that Jesus Christ is the only pattern for living this life ... and Jesus is FOR everyone.

Well, that was my feeble attempt at rambling on and trying to get my thoughts out there. 

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Books for Sale

We have purged the bookshelves. Hundreds of titles are going. Most titles are Christian subjects, but there are a few in here that stray from that category. If you have any questions or find something that you want, let me know and I'll work a deal with you.

Thanks, Tim

Experiencing God Day By Day Devotional and Journal, hardback, Blackaby,

The Search for Significance Devotional, paperback, McGee

The Vanishing Conscience, hardback, MacArthur Jr

Free At Last, hardback, Evans

A Mystery of Majesty, hardback, Jernigan

The Promise, hardback, Evans

My Turn The Memoirs of Nancy Reagan, hardback, Reagan/Novack

Parenting Isn't For Cowards, paperback, Dobson

Wild at Heart Field Manual, paperback, Eldredge

Naked and Not Ashamed, paperback, Jakes

The Continuation of Something/Bible Study Guide, paperback, Swindoll

The Spirit World/Enlightenment or Hidden Dangers, paperback thin book, World Wide Church of God

Exploring Worship, paperback, Sorge

Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys into Extraordinary Men, paperback, Beausay

Irrepressible Hope! A Womem of Faith Devotional, paperback, Women of Faith

Life Renewal Devotional, paperback, pub Tyndale

The Dad in the Mirror, paperback, Morley/Delk

Touchpoints for Women/God's Answers for Your Daily Needs, paperback, pub Tyndale

A Hero in Every Heart, hardback, Brown Jr/Spizman

Joy to the World, hardback, Reese/Donihue

The Christmas Guest, hardback, Griffith (includes narration/music cd)

The Home You Made Me/Celebrating a Mother's Love, hardback, Kinkade

Its About Home/Creating a Place to Cherish, hardback, Clairmont

Charles and Diana, hardback, Martin

The Hallelujah Factor, hardback, Taylor (x2)

The Greatest Moments in the Life of Christ, paperback, Lucado

Traveling Light for Mothers, paperback, Lucado

101 Things the Devil Can't Do, paperback, Sparks

The Best Cartoons from Leadership Journal Vol 3, paperback, pub Broadman and Holman

The Best Cartoons from Leadership Journal Vol 5, paperback, pub Broadman and Holman

The Key to Triumphant Living, hardback, Taylor

Much More, hardback, Taylor (x3)

God's Miraculous Plan of Economy, hardback, Taylor

Prayer Life's Limitless Reach, hardback, Taylor

A Hymn is Born, hardback, Bonner

Holiness Living Leaven Free, paperback, Parsley

Understanding Preparing for and Practicing Christian Worship Second Edition, paperback, Segler

Living Beyond the Daily Grind Book 1, hardback, Swindoll

The One Year Bible NLT, hardback, pub Tyndale

My Utmost Devotional Bible NKJV, softback, pub Nelson

Kingdom Warfare/Prayers Spiritual Warfare and the Ministry of Angels, softback, ed Hayford

Milestones to Maturity A Study in the Wilderness Books, softback, ed Hayford

Sexual Problems in Marriage, paperback, Rice

-not that we ever needed this book to begin with

Healed of Cancer, paperback, Osteen

My Time With God Devotional NCV, hardback, pub Nelson

Mary Ellen's Best of Helpful Hints, paperback, Pinkham/Higginbotham

I Believe in the Holy Spirit, paperback, Green

They Speak with Other Tongues, paperback, Sherrill

The River is Here, paperback, Fish

Daily Breakthrough Devotional, hardback, Parsley

Just As Long As I'm Riding Up Front, paperback, McIver

Whatever Happened to the American Dream, hardback, Burkett

Against All Odds, hardback, Ed Young Sr

Basic Training for a Few Good Men, hardback, Kimmel

Go The Distance The Making of A Promise Keeper, hardback, Trent

Endued With Power : The Holy Spirit in The Church, paperback, White

Spirit Works, paperback, Vines

Spirit Life, paperback, Vines

The Awesome Power of Shared Beliefs : Five Things Every Man Should Know, hardback, Wagner

The Power of A Promise Kept, hardback, Lewis

A Field Guide to Homeschooling, paperback, Field

Seventh-Day Adventists Believe, hardback, pub Adventists

Expect a Miracle: Oral Roberts Biography, hardback, Roberts

I Was Wrong, hardback, Jim Bakker

Over 6000 Bible Questions and Answers, hardback, pub Nelson

Miss Bertha : Woman of Revival Biography, paperback, Drummond

The Glorious Dawn of God's Story : Finding Meaning for Your Life in Genesis, hardback, Lotz

Experiencing His Presence : Devotions for God-catchers, hardback, Tenney

The Anointing, paperback, Hinn

Expository Sermons on Daniel, hardback, Criswell

Unused Perfume, paperback, Martinez

Growing a Loving Church, paperback, Dale

Know Place to Cry, paperback, Stone/Lutzer

Analyzing Performance Problems, paperback, Mager/Pipe 3rd Edition

Bringing Up Kids Without Tearing them Down, paperback, Leman

The New Worship, paperback, Liesch

Love is A Choice, hardback, Hemfelt/Minrith/Meier

Love Hunger, hardback, Minrith/Meier/Hemfelt/Sneed

Care-giving for Your Loved Ones, hardback, Armstrong

The Five Love Languages, paperback, Chapman

Moments Together for Couples Devotional, hardback, Rainey

Stories of the Heart and Home, hardback, Dobson

The New Building Your Mates Self-Esteem, paperback, Rainey

Making Love Last Forever, hardback, Smalley

Romancing the Home, hardback, Ed Young Sr

His Needs Her Needs, hardback, Harley

Prepare To Prosper, paperback booklet, Joyce Meyer

Do It! Araid/Obeying God in the Face of Fear, paperback booklet, Joyce Meyer

God's Promises for Your Every Need, paperback, pub Countryman

Give Up and Get Free/Defining Your Worth in the Eyes of God, hardback, Lisa Bevere

Little Book of Big Bible Promises for Women, paperback, Chapin

A Love So Real/Readings and Scriptures, paperback, pub Broadman and Holman

Discover Your Inner Beauty/Defining Your Worth in the Eyes of God, hardback, Lisa Bevere

The Unquenchable Worshipper, hardback, Redman

The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh, hardcover, Milne

Miracle in a Shoebox, hardback, Graham

Watercolour Ponies, hardback, Watson

The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh/Caws and Effect, hardback, pub Disney

An Introduction to Family Nights, paperback, pub Focus on the Family

Family Nights Journal (blank pages), spiral, no pub

Grandparent's Memories/A Keepsake Book, hardback, Morrow

The Mind of Christ Workbook, paperback, Hunt/King

Noah's Ark and Other Bible Stories, paperback, pub DK Publishing

Experiencing God Workbook, paperback, Blackaby/King

All is Well, hardback, Peretti

Peter's First Easter, hardback, Wangerin Jr

What Every Mom Needs, paperback, Morgan/Kuykendall

Mothers and Sons/Raising Boys To Be Men, paperback, Lush

My Preschooler, paperback, Warren

97 Ways to Make a Baby Laugh, paperback, Moore

Bringing Out the Best in Your Child, paperback, Tobias/Funk

The Church Case Scenario/How to Survive and Thrive in Church, paperback, Bickel/Jantz

Little Visits for Toddlers, paperback, Simon

The Late Great Planet Earth, paperback, Lindsey

If The Dead Could Speak/12 Evangelistic Sermons, paperback, Powell

Angels on Assignment, paperback, Buck/Hunter

Woman Thou Art Losed, paperback, Jakes

The Spiritual Warrior's Prayer Guide, paperback, Sherrer/Garlock

Ready Set Read A Start to Finish Reading Program, paperback, Curtis

A Few of Our Favorite Things, paperback, pub Speaking of Women's Health

The Forgiven Sinner, children's paperback, pub American Bible Society

Spiritual Gifts Empowering the New Testament Church, paperback, Hemphill

Uprooting the Spirit of Fear, paperback, Dollar

Shout to the Lord Stories of God's Love and Power, hardback, pub Integrity

In Search of Diving Order, paperback, Powell

The Heart of a Mother, paperback, Omartian/Moore/Walsh/Johnson/Gaither/Peterson/Holmes

Check Your Neck, paperback, Foxworthy

Blank Journal autographed by Anne Graham Lotz

Magic Bullet 10 Second Recipes, paperback, pub Homeland Housewares

The Debt Terminator, paperback, Avanzini

The Glory of Christmas, hardcover, Swindoll/Lucado/Colson

Home By Choice, paperback, Hunter

Your Heritage How to be Intentional About the Legacy You Leave, paperback, Focus on the Family

Caring for Your Elderly Parents, paperback, Rushford

Prayers for Expectang Mothers, hardback, Guffey

Before the Offering : Mini Messages on Giving, paperback, Bayne

The Life Beyond, paperback, Powell

The Father's Blessing, paperback, Arnott

Ephesians : Living Toward Eternity : 12 Sessions for Small Groups, paperback, pub Victor Books

The Collapse of the Brass Heavens, paperback, Long/McMurry

Life After Pizza : A Cookbook for the Fast Food Crowd, spiral bound, Favorite Recipes Press

Receiving the Power : Preparing te Way for the Holy Spirit, paperback, Long/McMurry

The Holy Spirit : My Senior Partner, paperback, Cho

Counterfeit Revival, hardcover, Hanegraaff

Things to Make and Do, paperback, Beech

Successful Christian Living in Today's World : A Study of James/ 1 & 1 Peter, paperback, Winkler

The Law of Prosperity, paperback, Copeland

A Woman's Journey to the Heart of God, hardcover, Heald

Give Thanks : Daily Devotions, hardcover, pub Integrity

Open the Eyes of My Heart : Daily Devotions, hardcover, pub Integrity (x2)

You Might Be A Pastor's Wife If..., softcover, Slamp

Party With A Purpose : Creative Ways to Share the Love of Christ, paperback, Hughes

Ordering Your Private World, paperback, MacDonald

Old Testament Characters : 12 Studies, paperback booklet, Scazzero

Can You Stand to be Blessed, paperback, Jakes

The Vision of His Glory, hardcover, Lotz

The World According to God : Readings and Scriptures, hardcover, comp Marshay

Home With a Heart, hardcover, Dobson

Becoming a Woman of Excellence, paperback, Heald

Who Am I, God : The Doubts, The Fears, The Joys of Being a Woman, paperback, Holmes

Count if All Joy, paperback, Joiner

Reckless Faith : When the Church Loses Its Will to Discern, hardcover, MacArthur

Really Bad Girls of the Bible, hardcover, Higgs

A Woman After God's Own Heart, paperback, George

Only Angels Can Wing It :Bringing Balance and Grace, paperback, Higgs

FaithTraining : Raising Kids Who Love The Lord, hardback, White

The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care 1957 ed, hardback, Spock

Complete Set of World Book Encyclopedias

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What kind of "mind" are you?

Great minds discuss ideas
Average minds discuss events
Small minds discuss people

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Twirp Dance - April 2010

Anna Claire Lett, Jacob Lett, Lauren Borghini

Friday night was a big evening for our two teenagers. Every Spring, Gadsden Middle School hosts the Twirp Dance. (Its kind of like the old Sadie Hawkins Dances where the young ladies would ask the young men to the dance.) But, for some reason, I like "Twirp Dance" better. HA!!!

Here are some more photos from the evening.

I think its safe to say that Lauren really liked her corsage...

...and, my son.

Our two teenagers: Jacob (14) and Anna Claire (13)

I think that Anna Claire was telling her big brother to behave himself.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Today on Facebook

From time to time, I am going to share the day's Facebook banter and activity. So, here goes the first edition.

Bart Stupak, Coward and Liar

Here is Bart Stupak. Remember him? He is the guy that was supposedly holding out for an amendment to ObamaCare that would eliminate federal funding for abortion. Have a look at this video and you'll see he's not so brave, after all.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Congratulations to Jacob Lett and Anna Claire Lett for successful auditions and making All-State Middle School Chorus.

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